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In The Life Of…

Sims 3.

I’ve made a Sims 3 blog, y’all. It’s been a long time coming, and I feel better about having one since my husband has a Skyrim blog… My Sims 3 blog is called In The Life Of… It features stories about my Sims, creator journals relating to my amateur attempts at modding the Sims, and various other in-game stories.

My current Sim, named Arianna, is an ex-foster kid. She was a foundling and bounced around from home to home until being adopted when she was young, but the adoption disrupted. Then she went to an orphanage, which I am currently constructing in-game. Once it’s done, all of my Sims worlds will have orphanages – nice places (in my sims-world, they are nice places with nice people) where kids without parents can go to grow up as happily as possible in a stable, supportive environment without having their history erased by adoption. (Not that my orphanages will be able to work like this in-game… but, hey, it’s all fantasy anyway.)

I would say my Sims games don’t have adoption as it’s conceived of in Western modern terms, but I’m pretty sure that if you adopt in the Sims it changes their family tree. Which means that once I learn how to code for the Sims, I will be attempting to make a mod to stop it from doing this. Hehe…

So, if any of y’all love the Sims/are obsessive about the Sims, check out my new Sims stories blog (and leave me any links to sims stories you have)!


Password Protected

I have decided to start password protecting some of my blog entries. If you want the password, please e-mail me.


Identity Error

So… I’ve heard all the news about Obama releasing a copy of his birth certificate to the public. I’ve been thinking about it – and people’s stupid comments about it – all day. I kept thinking “Gee, I don’t have a copy of my birth certificate anymore, and I definitely haven’t seen a copy since I started waking up and looking at adoptee issues. I should get a copy so I can see what’s on it, exactly.” So, naturally, I headed to the website for Texas Vital Statistics. Here’s what it says:

First requirement: Check. I live outside Texas, but I am ordering my own record.

Second requirement: Check. I have a valid NC driver’s license.

Third requirement: Check. I am currently living at a US address.

Fourth requirement: Check. I have a Visa.
Yay, I can order online like they want everyone to! Sweet. So I click the link and fill out the form, double check the info, then click submit.

They can’t verify my identity. For whatever reason (and I really can’t figure it out), the information I gave them (including my full name, birthdate, and social security number) is not enough for them to be able to verify my identity and let me order a birth certificate in the usual way. I’m not even trying to get my OBC! I’ll either have to fill out a paper application and hope that one makes it through or have my aDad do it for me.   -_-