I started a masters course in September, and thought everything was finally going to start getting better. But then I failed the first term. I was then put on financial aid probation until my term 2 grades came in and was told, in March, that my 3rd loan disbursement would come then. At the start of the second term, I loved the psychology course I was taking, and still hated the sociology ones, so I decided to switch courses.

I worked really hard and passed term 2, even getting a first in one of my classes. So I called up the financial aid lady and asked her, since I’d passed my classes, when I’d be getting the 3rd loan disbursement. She chooses now to tell me that because I switched courses, my next loan disbursement won’t be until October.

My husband and I have £10. Our rent was due Sunday. Our council tax was due the 15th. Our electricity bill just came in. If the rent isn’t paid in two weeks, eviction proceedings can start. Neither my husband nor I have been able to find a job, and now I can’t get one because my passport is with the border agency in support of my spousal visa application. If I recall my passport for any reason, my visa application gets rejected.

I could possibly get my passport back, but we don’t meet the new immigration requirements for a spousal visa, so this is our one shot at that. I could return to the US, but I don’t have a home or job there, I would need my passport back, I would need an emergency loan for plane tickets from the consulate, and my husband can’t come with me. Getting benefits for my husband may be a possibility, but it’s highly unlikely, and even if it is an option, they won’t pay for everything. In addition, I doubt the application would be through and approved in less than two weeks.

I just really have no idea what to do. I think I’m cursed. Or maybe I was an adoptorapting child abuser in my past life, so now I’m being punished. I’m also ultra-pissed off that the financial aid woman didn’t tell me this back in March when she found out I’d switched courses. Apparently I was supposed to tell her. I didn’t know that. But whatever. I think she hates me. This isn’t the first time we’ve butted heads/she’s smiled and been not even vaguely “I’m sorry but I really can’t do anything” apologetic when I’ve been on the verge of homelessness because of the stupid way this stupid shitty school is run.