Dear American Parents (and some other individuals who are not parents but unfortunately work with kids):

If you think your kid is disrespectful, take a good, long, hard look in the goddamn mirror. Telling your kid to shut up or stop crying because ze “has no reason to cry”? Disrespectful (and harmful, but that’s another story). Bodily forcing hir to be somewhere ze doesn’t want to, especially after giving a “choice” to leave? Extremely disrespectful. Hitting at all, but especially when you want aggression to stop? Disrespectful and just plain illogical, not to mention abusive. I hope you still do it when your kid’s older so ze can charge you with assault, a charge you’ve deserved from the first moment you laid a hand on your child. The fact our society does not consider hitting kids to be assault (unless it’s “too much” hitting), unlike for ANY. OTHER. group (including animals)? Disrespectful (and hypocritical). Forcing your child to be somewhere ze does not want to be and punishing if ze were to express a desire to not be there? Disrespectful. Treating your kids like a nearly intolerable inconvenience? Disrespectful.

I could think of several more examples, but I’ll stop here.

On the whole, I am so thoroughly sick and disgusted with all of you (minus a few rare exceptions).

Maybe YOU should try doing as you say and not as you do. And grow the fuck up and act like an adult. Stop expecting your kid to be the grown up.


A Disgusted Human Being