So… I’ve heard all the news about Obama releasing a copy of his birth certificate to the public. I’ve been thinking about it – and people’s stupid comments about it – all day. I kept thinking “Gee, I don’t have a copy of my birth certificate anymore, and I definitely haven’t seen a copy since I started waking up and looking at adoptee issues. I should get a copy so I can see what’s on it, exactly.” So, naturally, I headed to the website for Texas Vital Statistics. Here’s what it says:

First requirement: Check. I live outside Texas, but I am ordering my own record.

Second requirement: Check. I have a valid NC driver’s license.

Third requirement: Check. I am currently living at a US address.

Fourth requirement: Check. I have a Visa.
Yay, I can order online like they want everyone to! Sweet. So I click the link and fill out the form, double check the info, then click submit.

They can’t verify my identity. For whatever reason (and I really can’t figure it out), the information I gave them (including my full name, birthdate, and social security number) is not enough for them to be able to verify my identity and let me order a birth certificate in the usual way. I’m not even trying to get my OBC! I’ll either have to fill out a paper application and hope that one makes it through or have my aDad do it for me.   -_-