Well. Not so much investigation as offering conjecture.

So. Dom has been “missing” for 17 hours as of 9:35AM this morning. Even though we’re 2,000+ miles apart, I know something is wrong. What that something is, is the mystery. As we always do, we were talking on AIM yesterday. We talk constantly, and I mean that pretty much literally. Basically the only time we aren’t talking either through e-mail or instant messaging is when we’re sleeping. He went quiet on AIM, which sometimes happens, and then he went offline. I thought for sure either he’d just gone to do something, moved somewhere different, or maybe the internet had a glitch. But he never came back.

I e-mailed, in case it was AIM being a pain, which it likes to do. I still have yet to hear back. After an hour or two, I checked the forum that he’s a member of to see if he’d posted anything. Nothing since half past four, which is when he disappeared from here. I checked that because I’m adopted (and abused), so I tend to think that it’s something I’ve done. With no visible internet activity anywhere, my other paranoid side comes out.

I staved off that paranoid side of me by attempting to come up with other alternatives… I’d also hoped that maybe Dom had just fallen to sleep early. It could happen. It was after 9PM his time. It’s not very likely, but stuff like that has happened before. However, I know I would’ve seen him on by now. So the chances that that’s what happened are slipping even more by the minute.

Now I think something else has gone wrong. It’s highly unusual for him to be gone for so long, and the internet has never crashed for this long, either. His parents are old(er), and his Dad works away from home (lives in a different city during the week), so I’m really worried about that. What if something happened to his Dad? What if his Mom fell and had to go to hospital or something else happened? I’m so worried something happened to his parents. Or maybe even his brother, now that I’m thinking about it properly. All kinds of things could have gone wrong.


The last time he disappeared from the internet, it was because he was ill and had to go to hospital himself. But I’d known he was ill, and we were talking about him not feeling well. In addition to that, he must’ve asked his Mom to say something to me, because she used his IM to tell me they were taking him to hospital. So I would think that, were it something to do with him, his family would have contacted me in some way.

I’m also worried that, if something has happened, I wouldn’t be able to get to England to be there for him. If one of his parents died, God forbid, I wouldn’t be able to go to the funeral or be there to help him out. I can’t describe how torn apart I would be if that happened. I needed my best friend with me when my aMom died and I had to go to the funeral. Luckily for me, though, I could drive the six or so hours to go get her and bring her back. It’s not quite that easy for me to get across the Atlantic. If I had a credit card, I could use that, but I don’t, so I’d be stuck here. I can’t even contemplate that scenario, everything about it is too horrible for thought.

I keep hoping that maybe it’s just the internet gone wrong and that nothing bad has happened. I really want to call. I was going to call at noon if I still hadn’t heard from him, but now I think I might do it sooner. I hope nothing’s wrong. I really miss him. I miss him anyways, but being able to talk in some form helps a little, at least. I want him to come back now, safe, with everyone in our family safe.

*ETA:* Called the home phone and found out that the home phone line is down (calls are being routed to my father-in-law’s mobile). *BIG SIGH OF RELIEF*